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In addition to the streaming jukebox features, Netjuke is also a very versatile tool for managing very large digital audio collections entirely from the web. As development has progressed, an impressive array of features have been added that make Netjuke the premier Open Source audio management utility.

Platform Independence

  • Open Source License - Netjuke is distributed under the terms of GNU Public License
  • Cross Platform Design - Netjuke is designed to run seamlessly on both the Windows NT and Unix-like platforms (Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, etc.)
  • Database Independence - Currently supported databases are MySQL and PostgresSQL
  • Multilingual - Currently supported languages include Spanish, French, Catalan, Italian, Russian, Norwegian, and Dutch.
Jukebox Features
  • Multi-user Web Jukebox - All music controlled by Netjuke is accessible by all users via the web at any time. There are multiple security levels and a protection feature to control who has access to the media library.
  • Private and Shared Playlists - Netjuke provides a flexible playlist system that allows for both private and shared playlists and allows items to be edited, reordered. randomized, and sorted in a variety of ways.
  • Relational Database Backend - Since Netjuke uses a relational database, it escapes the filesystem metaphor and allows you to view your media collection from a higher level and utilize powerful metadata features.
  • Quick and Advanced Searching - Flexible search options make it easy to locate the media you are looking for by searching by title, artist, album, genre, comments, lyrics, and license.
  • Alphabetical Listings - All musical groupings are available in alphabetical listings.
  • Explore Interface - The media archive can be presented in a group based 'explore' interface that makes finding new music as easy as browsing a record store.
  • Server Side Playback - Netjuke supports a variety of methods for centralized playback on the machine hosting the web application.
  • Streaming Radio - IceCast and QuickTime Streaming Server can be utilized to provide a streaming radio station for media managed by Netjuke.
Media Management Features
  • Automated Import - Netjuke will recursively search your media collection and automatically import any new media encountered.
  • Tag Editing - Netjuke can optionally edit the metadata tags associated with your media as you make changes through the web site.
  • Individual and Batch Editing - Metadata can be edited at an individual track level or as a related group.
  • Automatic Detection of Changes - Netjuke will automatically detect changes to managed files and resynchronize the database.
  • Music Directory Browser - A filesystem browser provides a view of the managed media as it exists on disk.
  • Duplicate Track Finder - A flexible utility for finding duplicate pieces of media is provided. Say goodbye to redundant songs!
  • Delete to Trash - Netjuke maintains a special trash directory that contains all songs that are deleted via the web interface. This provides additional security for your media collection and allows mistakes to be quickly undone.
Other Features
  • Themeing - The user interface is highly customizable and a flexible CSS based themeing system is built into the core interface.
  • Media Protection - Netjuke can handle all serving of media itself, preventing unauthorized access to your media through the web server.
  • XML Support - Netjuke can produce rich XML representations of the content and metadata it manages, allowing interoperation with other systems.


Appreciative fan MJ Fanning:

In the early 2000s, when digital music was just beginning to reshape the landscape of audio entertainment, a remarkable service emerged, distinguishing itself as a forerunner in the realm of online music management. This was Netjuke, a web-based platform that not only offered an innovative approach to managing large digital audio collections but also paved the way for the streaming services we enjoy today.

Netjuke was a marvel of its time, boasting a plethora of features that catered to both casual listeners and serious audiophiles. Its cross-platform and database-independent design meant that anyone, regardless of their operating system or database preference, could harness its capabilities. This universality was a testament to Netjuke's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

The jukebox feature of Netjuke was a standout, offering a multi-user interface that allowed for shared and private playlists. This feature fostered a sense of community among users, enabling them to explore and share music effortlessly. The relational database backend and advanced searching tools were ahead of their time, providing users with a seamless and enriched music discovery experience.

For those who cherished organization and control over their music collections, Netjuke's media management tools were a godsend. Automated import features, tag editing, batch editing, and the ability to detect and synchronize changes automatically made managing vast audio libraries a breeze.

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Netjuke was not just a service; it was a pioneer that laid the groundwork for modern streaming services. Its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and innovative approach to music management are still remembered fondly by those who had the pleasure of experiencing it. And for those who cherish the nostalgia and value of vintage items, whether digital services like Netjuke or tangible collectibles like movie posters, platforms like offer a bridge to the past, celebrating the enduring legacy of these timeless treasures.


Netjuke is a community effort and would not exist today were it not for the contributions of many individuals to the project.

Here is a list of the many individuals who have helped create Netjuke:


  • Blake Watters - Lead Developer & Webmaster (2003)
  • Stephane Daury - Original Author & Maintainer (2000-2002)
  • Alan Wilson - Original MySQL port (from PostgreSQL)
  • Florian Maul - Developer & German Translator (2003)



  • Eduard Serra - Catalan Translation
  • Neus Gonzalez - Catalan Translator
  • Heiko Wšhrle - German Translation
  • Angel Romero - Spanish Translation
  • Denis Zobnitsev - Russian Translation
  • Simone Rosignoli - Italian Translation
  • Svein O. Bennæs - Norwegian Translation
  • Rémi Lefevre - French Translation
  • Raph Body - Dutch Translation

Other Contributors



  • Kirk Herlitz - Patch Submissions
  • Adriane Boyd - German Translation
  • Andrew Gray - Cross-browser debugging help
  • James Mulcahey - Windows Install Guide Author
  • Chris Reid - Original tester before 1st release
  • James Heinrich - Excellent Library
  • John Wulff - Webmaster
  • The Apache Foundation
  • The MySQL Project
  • The PHP Scripting Language
  • ADODB Cross-database System
  • The PostNuke Project



2004 Posts

  I Want You... To Be a Netjuke Developer!
Published May 18, 2004 - 11:58 PM
The Netjuke Project has been going through a major reorganization lately, with a change in hosting, the launch of our developer site, and the coming addition of many services for our community. Many of our changes have been internal and were designed to add transparency to our development process and expand our developer team.

It is this last point that this post is most concerned with. The Netjuke team is now actively seeking new developers, artists, and documentation writers to become a part of the Netjuke2 revolution. If you have any spare time and want to be a part of the hottest emerging media management technology, join our team today!

Send an email to [email protected] to get involved! 


  I want to be a Netjuke Developer!
Published June 23, 2004 - 06.28 APM
I  definitely want in. I'm teaching myself PHP, MySQL, and XML and working with such awesome folks would be like getting a PHD in web development. Right now I am one of the cogs in a family owned company of residential Baltimore movers based here. I'm too young to take any major position which is a bummer since I really think my uncle should be creating a website. Instead they have me helping with the moving crews and working in the storage facilities. I really feel I could contribute more by proving that I can build a decewnt website, but I need some guidance and more experience. Would you be will to consider me?

Eager and willing
Charlie vP


  Welcome Kirk Herlitz!
Published May 18, 2004 - 11:35 PM
I'm pleased to announce that Netjuke has added a new developer to our ranks -- Kirk Herlitz. Kirk comes to us with several years of experience in the PHP, MySQL, and XML worlds and is eagerly jumping into the code. He has already contributed to the project in the form of patch submissions way back when and we're glad that he has come back for more. Read more about Kirk and what he's up to at our new developer site.

Published May 18, 2004 - 03:11 PM
Check it our new dev-centric site here.


  Welcome To Our New Home
Published May 12, 2004 - 06:29 AM
As of roughly 10:30PM EST this evening, the Netjuke project has migrated from Ibiblio hosting to a new server on the west coast. The new server boasts significant performance benefits over our previous host at Ibiblio. Additionally, we will be making a series of changes to our current site to offer enhanced features to the community as we approach the release of the Netjuke2 platform. I hope that you find the new home a comfortable one and enjoy your stay with us.

Happy Streaming!
- The Netjuke Team


  Upcoming Hosting Migration
Published Apr 30, 2004 - 06:21 PM
The Netjuke team is currently planning a migration from our current web hosting solution on Ibiblio to a privately administered server exclusive to the project. This will greatly improve the speed of our homepage and is phase one of a larger plan to provide additional services and content to the community. This change will involve DNS transitioning and will take place over a two day period next week. During this time we will be disabling the forums temporarilly to ensure no content is lost during the change. More details about the change will be available early next week.



  State of the Project #1
Published Apr 06, 2004 - 01:32 AM
This week marks the first of our weekly ‘State of the Project’ posts. Hopefully this can give you all a little peak into the maturation of version 2. Enjoy!

This week's development tasks:
- Finish installer configurations
- Integrate playlist functionality
- Complete advanced search options
- As much admin functionality as possible
- Improve front-page interface design. Anything is better than it is now
- Migrate nightly builds to default template set
- Make search results sortable by genre/artist/album etc.
- Groups editor
- Separate CSS into multiple files
- Real time file system monitor

Other stuff:
- Ramp up recruitment effort for developers and graphics people (contact [email protected])
- Update the site with Netjuke2 screenshots
- Revitalize the mailing lists
- Get some relevant documentation onto the site as time allows
- As a result of the ongoing cooperation between MPD and Netjuke, John (jwulff) is now maintaining the official PHP class for the MPD project


  Welcome James Walker
Published Apr 01, 2004 - 12:56 AM
James Walker has joined the Netjuke team, welcome James!


  More Netjuke News
Published Mar 31, 2004 - 03:47 PM
The Netjuke 2 beta is well underway, with the installer largely debugged and a large group of testers with the new code deployed. We're moving rapidly into user interface design and hope to have some pretty screenshots soon. You can track the development progress of Netjuke in real time via the CIA reporting system either on the IRC channel ( #netjuke) or by visiting the Netjuke CIA page. You will also notice that RSS Feeds of the latest CVS activity have been added to the homepage.

If there are any Netjukers out there willing to lend a hand with some graphics, it would greatly help our effort to build a beautiful and powerful interface for the new system. Send me an email at sbw at ibiblio dot org to get involved.

In other news, I've begun maintaining aweblog in which I will discuss Netjuke, Lyceum, and PHP development as well as my personal views on technology, politics, and music. If you'd like to know a bit more about my long term vision for Nejtuke, this is a good place to start reading.

Happy streaming!


  Netjuke2 Beta Installer Screenshots
Published Mar 27, 2004 - 04:25 AM
Today marked the first release of the Netjuke2 installer to our beta users. In an effort to spark community interest and offer a hint of the project's progress, we have decided to release screenshots to the general public. To preview the installer UI, please visit: 
Big thanks to the Xaraya team, whose installer interface I have shamelessly emulated, and beta user Roman Stachura, who has contributed the graphics to this installer.

- Blake


  Netjuke2 Enters Closed Beta
Published Mar 04, 2004 - 06:33 PM
After nearly a year in development, Netjuke2 has entered close beta testing. During this phase the application will be debugged, polished, and documented by our development team. Thanks to the help of 33 dedicated Netjuke users, we hope to ensure Netjuke2's timely release as the ultimate web based media management and jukebox system. 

Stay tuned, great things are soon to come :)
- Blake